Words you can use to talk about your technical skills

Are you stuck with your resume writing? Make use of these words (verbs) to talk about your **Technical skills.**Go shine in that interview.
I advise you to find the meaning of these words in a good monolingual dictionary and start using them right away.

  1. assembled
  2. repaired
  3. built
  4. worked on
  5. operated
  6. engineered
  7. evaluated
  8. designed
  9. headed
  10. solved
  11. implemented
  12. maintained
  13. overhauled
  14. initiated
  15. communicated
  16. eliminated
  17. Tested
  18. Examined
  19. Documented
  20. Programmed
  21. followed up
  22. Debugged

These and many more will help you sound more professional and fluent next time you send your resume or take that interview.