Why people get fired. | Avoid doing these on job

Before you go for that interview do you know why they are hiring you or what happened to the previous staff?

Below are some of reasons that get people fired, and you shouldn’t fall trap of.

  1. Layoffs or downsizing.
    Most companies or firms do this to cut costs. Just don’t be in the list.

  1. Misconduct at work.
    Piece of advice, behave at work because someone is watching each and every move you make.

  1. Insubordination.
    Never disobey your boss due to the repercussions.

  1. Possession of illegal substances at work like, drugs, alcohol etc.

  1. Misuse and stealing of company property and resources. Just don’t!

  1. Underperformance.
    You were employed to work, so do it.

  1. Absenteeism.
    Do you know how many people are unemployed? Go to work if you have one.