Why do we save money when they are printing more money? | B2 - C2 Listening

The author of FAKE and Rich Dad Poor Dad

  1. What is the topic about?

  2. Who is the guest?

  3. Where is the interview hosted?

  4. Why did he go to that country?

  5. When did he go to school?

  6. When did she break her ankle?

  7. At what age did he retire?

  8. What does he and doesn’t think about?

  9. Why does he say people are brainwashed?

  10. How does he advise Romanians who want to get rich?

  11. How does he define money?

  12. Why was he angry with the host?

  13. Why does he not advise people to invest in stock?

  14. Does he pay taxes?

  15. Sorry again what does he like to talk about?

  16. What does he say about the school system?

  17. What makes people poor?

  18. Why do we save money when they are printing money?

  19. How does he get rich?

  20. How have people been hypnotized?

  21. Why wouldn’t you invest in Apple or Tesla?

  22. Why don’t the rich pay taxes?

  23. What did you learn about money?