Why do cities make us rude?

Listen to this BBC audio and answer the questions below

  1. What unusual thing happened to Neil on the underground?
  2. How did Catherine respond to the news? (look out for the interjection)
  3. Is it normal for people in London to talk on the Tube?
  4. What did Neil and the person chat about, and how did he feel about it?
  5. How does Neil pass time when on public transport?
  6. When we have a positive interaction with somebody, our body releases a chemical. What is your choice? Is it…
    a) melatonin?
    b) oxytocin?
    Or c) thyroxin?
  7. What idea as the ‘Talk to me London’ organization comeup with?
  8. What are people in big cities scared of?
  9. According to Dr Elle Boag, social psychologist, Birmingham City University in the UK what happens to ones brain after stepping off the metro or onto a crowded city street?
  10. What behaviours do we show when we feel threatened?
  11. What does the doctor say that is the reason people wont say hello on the street?
  12. Why does Dr Boag say that people are hyper vigilant?
  13. As a protective mechanism what do people do that makes them insular?
  14. What does Catherine say about growing up in a small town?
  15. Who are nosey neighbours?
  16. What does Thomas Farley, writer and broadcaster say about city people and rudeness?(Hint: chitchat, hustling, survive, work)
  17. Do Neil and Catherine hustle at their workplace?
  18. Lastly, what is our answer for the chemical question and what do we need this chemical for in our bodies?