Who do you think you are? | B2-C2

Who do you think you are?
Listen and then answer the questions you may take notes

1)How does Alice describe Neil?

2)Is Neil happy about the description?

3)How does Alice apologize?

4)How does Neil say you can know about someone apart from physical description?

5)Where does Neil say that Alice comes from basing on looks?

  1. What does ‘English rose’ mean?

7)From Sarah Jones complicated ethnicity story. is it easy to say where someone comes from?

  1. Where is Sarah from?

9)Alice says “My neighbours are Turkish but they’ve lived in England for 45 years so they’ve

integrated into our culture. They enjoy ______________________________________________

10)What does Julian Baggini, writer and philosopher in the UK say about Identity?

11)What does Alice mean by saying I think I’m guilty of English reserve.

12)What does Neil mean by I wear my heart on my sleeve?

13)According to a survey conducted by the BBC in 2011, what percentage of the UK population said they were mixed race?

14)What’s Identity?

15)Do you think your country is a melting point?

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Hope you learnt something. I recommend you to the BBC Learning English.