Which country has the most spoken languages | languages, not dialects

How many languages do you know or speak?
In today’s Post you are about to learn this fact of life.
These are the top three countries, and I’m moving there now. Wow! :thinking:

List of countries from top.

  1. Papua New Guinea, is the most linguistically diverse country in the world ,with 839 languages . Interestingly, English is the official language.

  1. In second place we have Indonesia with 710 languages.
    It’s the second most linguistically diverse nation in the world after Papua New Guinea.Th official language is Indonesian also called bahasa Indonesia; however, Javanese is the most widely spoken language!

  1. In third place we have Nigeria, with 515 languages. The official language is UK English since its a former British colony. Second is Nigerian English and Nigerian Pidgin spoken by 60 million people as the second language. Major native languages are Hausa 42+ million and Yoruba 40+ million speakers.

With this, I give up learning languages​:upside_down_face:
Imagine that; if we are to teach English to all these people so that we can understand each other, we need to start yesterday.
In my country we just have 43 languages and am lucky I can understand four languages. English and Swahili are the official languages.

Please if you are from the countries tell us, how do you communicate with all those cultures? :thinking:
Please educate, and share with us we are all ears.

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