What is the Present Simple Tense? | English Verb Tenses

What is the Present Simple Tense?

When do we use it?

  • When we talk of permanent states.
    e.g We stay in London.

  • When we talk of Repetitions.
    e.g I always go to pray on Fridays

  • When we talk about daily routines.
    e.g She works at the embassy.

  • When we talk about general truths and facts
    e.g Ice melts when it’s heated.

Time expression we use in this Tense

  1. usually
  2. often
  3. sometimes
  4. always

Spelling Rules for the 3rd person
A) Add an -s at the end for most verbs

  1. He likes coffee.
  2. She goes to work at 8 o’clock.

B) Verbs that end with vowel and y add -s
e.g She plays everyday.

C) Drop the y for verbs ending with consonant and y and add -ies

  1. The baby cries a lot these days.
  2. She carries her phone wherever she goes to work.

D) Verbs that end with -o , ss, sh and x take -es

  1. She does her homework.
  2. She washes her clothes at night
  3. The bus passes here.
  4. He mixes the colours very well.

Hope you understand why this tense is important.
Go speak better.