What is the Present Continuous Tense? | English Tenses

What is the Present Continuous Tense?
pattern = verb + ing

  1. We use it for actions taking place/happening now
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  • She is coming home.
  • I am eating.
  1. We use this tense for repeated actions.
    e.g He is always listening to music instead of studying.
  2. We use it for temporary actions.
    e.g I am having a shower.
  3. For future fixed plans.
    e.g I am coming tomorrow.
    Most verb take ing

For verbs that end with a stressed syllable vowel-consonant double the consonant.
Sit - sitting.
Shop - shopping.
subject + verb + ing + object.

Some Time expressions to take note of

  • At the moment
  • Today
  • These days
  • Tomorrow
  • now
  • At present
    Verbs that don’t take an -ing that you should be careful with.
  • believe
  • want
  • hope
  • whish
  • understand
  • love
  • hate
  • think
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