What is the Past Perfect Tense?

What is Past Perfect Tense?

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This is one of the simplest forms (mind control).
When we need to talk about something done or we did before another action was done all in the past.( hint 2 actions/situations or events are done in the past but at different times.)

You should be able to use these time words in this tense
Before I talked to her we had met.
After I had eaten she came

Subject + had + the past participle

I had eaten before I came. (May be before I came to school(second action) I had eaten(first action)

We can also have this in the negative form
I hadn’t/had not/'d eaten before I came.

Practice or checkout more on past participles (-ed) and the irregular verbs those that don’t end with -ed
We had met after school.

’Wh’ questions
On many occasions you need to know how to use this tense like so,

  • Who had taken it?
  • Where had you gone?
  • What had stopped you?
  • How had you done it?
  • With whom had he gone?

You have heard it in the movies
Answering Yes/No

  • Had you seen him before?
  • Had you known each other?
  • Had you been together?

Past perfect - is used to show something that happened before a past event occurred. For example:

‘I had slept before you came.’

‘Jack had shot her before he kicked him.’
Use two examples of actions in the past and explain using the sequence they happened.