What is the difference between "going home" and "going to home?"

What is the difference between “going home” and "going to home?"

In English, meaning and grammatical are different; though, both go hand in hand.
You can be understood even if the grammar is incorrect, but why would you speak like that in presence of a better option?
The meaning of these two sentences can be understood though the grammar is different.

  1. I’m going home.
  2. I’m going to home.

Do not use the preposition ‘to’ before the word ‘home’ because in this sentence ‘home’ acts as a adverb.
However, it does not mean that you can not use ‘to’ in the sentences like this. We have many exceptions in English.

We don’t use “to" before a Noun when a Noun is used as an Adverb.

Below is an Alphabetical list of Adverb of places.

Adverbs of place mainly modify verbs and tell us where something happens.

  1. about
  2. above
  3. abroad
  4. anywhere
  5. away
  6. back
  7. backward/s
  8. behind
  9. below
  10. down
  11. downstairs
  12. east
  13. elsewhere
  14. far
  15. here
  16. in
  17. indoors
  18. inside
  19. near
  20. nearby
  21. off
  22. on
  23. out
  24. outside
  25. over
  26. there
  27. towards
  28. under
  29. up
  30. upstairs
  31. where
  32. west
    1. I’m going abroad.
    1. I’m going upstairs.
    1. She went down.
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