What are doublets in the English language? | Legal English. βš–

These are two or more words with the same etymological root, that is, they have the same origin, but different phonological forms.
Below, you will learn a few of them.

1. Free and Clear. /Legal :balance_scale:
Means without debt. Everything paid for.
Eg She owns her car free and clear.

2.Armed and Dangerous. /Legal :balance_scale:
Simply means someone has a gun or something that can cause damage or
end a life.

3. Legal and Valid. /Legal :balance_scale:
These words are synonymous. In legal terms this expression means you have to obey the subject and that it is lawful. :balance_scale:

4 Law and order. /Legal :balance_scale:
When the police or army makes sure you obey the law.

5 Due and payable. /Legal :balance_scale:
It’s time you paid your dues or debt/bills.

6 Bits and pieces./Organisation
Take care of those little things.
You need to look at those bits and pieces of the English Language if you need to improve.

7 Null and void. /Legal :balance_scale:
Means it’s invalid and not legal .

8 Profit and Loss. /Business
In business we either bring in or lose.

9 Part and parcel. /Legal :balance_scale:
To be part of something, and not separate.

10 Ways and Means. /Legal
This means the methods and things needed to achieve something.

11 Free and fair. /Politics and Legal :balance_scale:
The elections were free and fair.

12. Cut and Paste. /Computers
We do this in computers, you cut a word or picture and paste it somewhere else.

13. Hue and Cry. /Feelings
Ranting by the public due to anger, or making too much noise about something.
Eg In some countries we have seen hue and cry regarding lockdowns.

14 Peace and quiet.

15. Terms and Conditions./Business and Legal
These set the rules, or guide lines that are to be followed by both the user and service provider. They are legally binding and if violeted can lead to a lawsuit.

Do you know of any other doublets