What are collective nouns? 🤔

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In linguistics, a collective noun is a collection of people, animals or things taken as a whole. Like a group, class, etc.

Generally, a collective noun can be plural or singular. :thinking:
If you see the individuals acting together, as a team, then you may refer to the collective noun as, singular (with singular verbs and singular pronouns**) , for example:
Eg The team was happier today. US

Some facts:

British and American Differences

Note that as a general rule:

  • British English tends to treat collective nouns as plural.
  • American English tends to treat them as singular.
  1. The team were happier today. UK
  2. The team was happier today. US

Here are some examples:

    • bundle of sticks
    • pile of papers
    • belt asteroids
    • cluster of desks
    • rack of ribs
    • swarm of bees
    • pack of wolves; of coyotes
    • bed of oysters
    • pair of shoes and glasses
    • bushel of apples
    • range of mountains
    • bunch of grapes
    • flight of stairs
    • pack of cigarettes
    • packet of cigars
    • roll of pennies; of quarters
    • bale of hay
    • deck of cards
    • herd of cattle
    • school of fish
    • gaggle of geese
    • colony of bats
    • litter of kittens, of puppies
    • army of ants
    • flock of sheep
    • a pair of shoes
    • a bouquet of flowers
    • a fleet of ships
    • a bunch of flowers
    • a forest of trees
    • a pack of lies
    • a galaxy of stars
    • a pack of cards

I hope this answered your question. Feel free to ask anything.