What are adjectives?


Have you seen anything you wanted to talk about or describe?
Those words that came to your mind are what we call adjectives.
Look around you, all creation or things are perfectly made aren’t they?
Some are beautiful, colourful, sweet, ugly name it.
Look at englishacked website for example.

  • It is a nice website.
  • It is an helpful site.
  • It is useful for learners and teachers.

An Adjective comes before a noun(name of a thing or person)
adjective + noun

So go ahead modify any noun you want.
Eg man, movie, internet, scary, good, fast slow.
Play with above words to see how you have become a master.

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Adjectives describe or modify—that is, they limit or restrict the meaning of—nouns and pronouns. They may name qualities of all kinds: huge , red , angry , tremendous , unique , rare , etc.

An adjective usually comes right before a noun: “a red dress,” " fifteen people." When an adjective follows a linking verb such as be or seem , it is called a predicate adjective : “That building is huge ,” “The workers seem happy .” Most adjectives can be used as predicate adjectives, although some are always used before a noun. Similarly, a few adjectives can only be used as predicate adjectives and are never used before a noun.

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