Welcome to the Free Online English-book Project. (READ ME FIRST PLEASE)

Welcome to Englishacked (English hacked). I came up with this project as a teacher to help learners and teachers who can’t find quality material to use in their learning and teaching.
On this platform ‘you’ and ‘us’ will help each other to achieve the ‘same goal’.

What you can do.

  • You are free to get in touch with teachers and learners, connect with the English speaking world as together we become one again.
  • You can search anything you need to know about the English language and network with other English lovers around the globe.
  • You too can be part of this project; all you need is to **sign up and login with your account and start creating and sharing.

This platform is hosted on Google cloud and it’s maintained by me a techie teacher . As a teacher I may not have enough time to make it the best technically but content wise I will do my best, however, I hope our team will grow as time passes by.
I call upon all those who can donate for this cause so that we can touch more lives together.
English is the global language, but did you know of the imbalances there are in disseminating the required knowledge?

Remember most people don’t access to quality education because it comes with a price, hence, the birth of this project.

I believe knowledge should be free, if we are to live in harmony again as it were in the beginning.

Please share this platform with the people you most care about and don’t forget to register to stay updated.

Asking a question or creating a topic - Did you know? - Englishacked

Let’s learn together as we teach each other and touch lives.
See you around.


Asking a question or creating a topic - Did you know? - Englishacked

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