Tips for IELTS takers


These are some of the tips to consider.

  1. You are not tested on your general knowledge but on your ability to communicate efficiently.

  1. Always answer your reading questions in the order they appear.

  1. Don’t ever write less than 250 words in Task 2 or less than 150 in Task 1 otherwise you will drop points.

  1. Never give a prepared speech in speaking, only talk about what you are presented with.

  1. In writing, do the following; plan, outline, write, and have enough time to read through your writing.Remember editing will save you points, so never forget this writing skill.

  1. In reading, go through the reading fast, scan each passage to get the main idea, topic, and thesis. Find out the ‘Why’.

  1. Make sure you know how to link sentences well using conjunctions. You should go for the exam when you know how to use transitions and other discourse makers to connect ideas.

  1. Use a wide range of vocabulary and language structures, be organised and prepared.

  1. Keep listening as you look at the questions of the audio that relates to the part you are listening to.