Time vocabulary you might have missed. | Periods of Time. ⌚

Period of Time words and phrases you need to know.

1. A decade :watch:
This is a period of **ten years. **
I have been married for a decade now! (pulling your leg​:grin:)

2. A century :watch:
This is a period of 100 years.
Eg Coca-Cola has been in existence for more than a century! Must be the sweetest thing there is. :blush:

3. A fortnight. :watch:
A Period of 2 weeks.
Eg See you in a fortnight.

4. A generation. :watch:
People born and living in the same period of time.
That couple was born in two generations apart, but they understand each other.

5. An Era :watch:
This a a long and very important period of time in history.
Eg We are living an information era.

6… A millennium :watch:
Love this, 1000 years.
Eg You think you can live 1000 years like Adam! (Did he?)

7.A quarter-century :watch:
This a period of 25 years.
Eg He has been working there till today, can you imagine a quarter-century at the same same job!

Did you learn something?
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