The magic and power of 'So'

Let’s see the power of so
English speakers use so in five ways.Below we hack them.

  • As a noun
    If have studied or read music you have heard or seen this ‘so’ try do re mi fa so la t dooooh. That fifth is a so.

  • As pronoun
    It’s used to refer to a claim or something that has just been said.
    Eg If you need to see him do so.
    We can use it to show estimates like the trip costs £500 or so. You add or before so.

  • As an adverb
    If you need to show a degree/very/extreme, we use so before adverb and adjective sometimes with that after.
    E.g The car is so expensive that I can’t buy it.

  • As a conjuction
    It’s used as therefore or for that reason, and also say reason for something.
    E. g I’m here so we can learn English together.

  • In order to also means so.

  • If you want to talk about same manner or way use so.
    e.g She likes running so do I.

  • As an adjective
    Showing agreement to facts.
    e.g If you want to be rich, start with imagination in your mind, so they say.
    I heard you married is it so?

Synonyms of so

  • Therefore
  • accordingly
  • consequently
  • ergo
  • hence
  • therefore