The King of Snakes. By Rosetta Baskerville

The King of the Snakes.

By Rosetta Baskerville, 1880-1966.
London: The Sheldon Press, 1922.
Illustrated by Mrs. E. G. Morris.


There are still old people living in Uganda who remember the time when there were no white men in the country.

The first white men who came had to walk 800 miles from the coast, and the journey was very dangerous. They passed through many countries full of wild warlike tribes, over great plains and high mountains and swamps and rivers, and, finally, they had to cross the Great Lake in canoes; but when they arrived in Uganda they often lived there for many years without returning to England, and they learnt the customs of the Baganda and their language in a way which is impossible now that there are steamers and trains and so many white people that some of them never speak to the natives at all. Continue hereā€¦

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