Telephone English you need. | Telephone phrases πŸ“ž

Use these infinitives for your phone talk. Did I miss any?
To receive a call:telephone_receiver:
He has received a call.
To connect :telephone_receiver:
I will connect you to her.
To catch :telephone_receiver:
Could you say that again, I didn’t catch it.
To get through :telephone_receiver:
I can’t get though to him.
To get in Touch :telephone_receiver:
Please try and get in touch with the supplier.
To reach someone :telephone_receiver:
Could you reach him on his office line right away/please?
To put through :telephone_receiver:
Could you put me through to the manager?
Leave a message :telephone_receiver:
Could you leave a message for her please?
To hold :telephone_receiver:
Would it be okay if you hold on please?