Speak fast or speak faster? 🤔 | Learner questions

What you will learn.

  • The two meanings of this question.
  • How to learn how to speak fast. (speak quickly)
  • How to learn how to speak fast (within a short period of time.)

To understand this question, let’s go in the mind of a learner. Most learners either want to speak fast, or complain that most English speakers are fast when speaking which affects their understanding of the message and comprehension.I have had one on one with many students and this is their concern and I believe as a teacher or learner you agree with me.
Moving on to the second group of learners, it’s a fact that most learners if not all, want to learn English as fast as they could to be able to communicate and comprehend the language within the shortest time possible.
It’s a goal for everyone, from assessment done by teachers and the measure of progress from a learner’s perspective.
This brings me to the question of the day, which type of learner are you—the one who wants to learn English fast, or the one who wants to learn how to speak faster?
Having said that, it’s believed that 90% of learners want both, but it’s hard to choose which skill to build first.
Should you focus on understanding, or speed?

How to learn how to speak fast. (speak quickly)

  • Listen a lot.
  • Practice speaking with others or alone.
  • Listen to fast music.
  • Learn connected speech. (search connected speech many videos on this topic.)
  • Read out loud as you read.

How to learn how to speak fast (within a short period of time)

  • Go to school.
  • Listen to a lot of English content.
  • Practice speaking.
  • Learn functional English.
  • Watch English movies and series in English. :flushed:
  • Get some speaking partners and speak, speak, speak.
  • Reduce the use of fillers like uh, well, hmmm, you know… These slow you down and might sound in appropriate in some situations
  • Read a lot.
  • Learn tongue twisters these will train your pronunciation and give you more speed.
  • Learn to control your breath like a diver or rapper. This gives space to emit more words in a short period of time. We call it pace.
  • Learn popular English expressions and phrases.
  • Learn how to use common phrasal verbs.
  • Learn some common idioms.

Tell us in the reply below. What should we focus on as teachers? :thinking: