Pronunciation Tips for beginners. | Understand and speak better

Pronunciation is one of the most underrated topic in learning English, most learners and teachers think it’s a waste of time. I have seen most award winning best sellers and teachers that don’t even mention about it, but here again we have your back.
**Learning pronunciation will help you understand most English Speakers just like learning new vocabulary, infact they go hand in hand, have time and go through these hints to help you speak better.

1 Linking Tip

The English language is full of patterns and all you need to do is find them.
For example, when a word ends with a consonant sound and the next word starts with a vowel sound, these two words are joined together. It’s that easy.

May I get a glass of apple juice for you?
May_I_ get_ a_ glass_ of_apple_ juice_ for you?
MayaIgetaglassofapplejuicefor you?

Voiced and Unvoiced Sounds

Below are some English voiced and unvoiced/voiceless sounds you must know for better pronunciation these are,
/b/ /d/ /g/ /v/
After all these voiced sounds we add a /z/ sound

  • hubs
  • boards
  • digs
  • loves

After unvoiced sounds use /s/ sound.
/k/ /p/ /t/ /f/

  • books
  • tops
  • hearts

To be continued…