Playgrounds and Children learning. | Buy or donate one to a school or community

Work without play made jack a dull boy.
In these times of the pandemic it’s not easy to keep the little ones happy but what if I told you that play can be our only hope for now as they get back to school.

You can have a full outdoor park with all playground equipment. See pics below.

Are you a school owner or estate manager, church, mosque etc. This extra facility setup for the kids can be an added activity where kids can interact with their colleagues starting from a competitive price as low as $1000 dollars and $2500 .It’s really easy to install, maintain and clean with guaranteed results following European standards/
Infarct, if you are really looking for a solution to keep your young ones happy and healthy while you are discussing serious matters, having some quality time, praying or having a meeting, this is the best solution. It will keep them active and occupied for hours.

For a brochure please email me at ssedume at gmail dot com