Phrasal verbs with 'Go' with their meaning

Below are some popular ‘‘Go’’ phrasal verbs you need to be aware of
Go after
To try catch someone or something. To try to achieve something.
If you have a dream go after it.

Go against
Meaning: To oppose or rebel and unfavourable

  • The people went against the new laws.
  • The movie was against my culture.

Go around
Meaning: To share with others.
We have enough vaccines to go around.

Go along
Meaning: To cooperate or work together.
I will go along with that seems a good idea.

Go away
Meaning: To leave a place, travel and disappear

  • Could you please go away from here, it’s out of bounds./Leave
  • We are going away this summer./Travel
  • The spots on my face went away./disappeared

Go by
Meaning: To pass by and called

  • This pandemic will also go by.
  • I go by the names of Simba.

Go ahead
Meaning: To proceed or continue.
Please go ahead you are doing just fine.

Go down
Meaning: Decrease, come from up to a lower position, remembered, stop working

  • The prices are going down./Decrease
  • Can you please come down?
  • This year will go down as the worst in our civilization./Remembered
  • The internet has gone down/Stopped working

Go for
Meaning: Try/attempt something, accept something

  • I will go for it tomorrow, maybe she will accept they invitation.
  • I hope to will go for it./accept it.

Go for it
Meaning: Decision
I will for it, seems good

Go in
Meaning: Enter into a place.
Please go in.

Go into
Meaning: Get involved.
I wouldn’t like to go into that, it’s so politically motivated.

Go off
Meaning: To explode or fire.

  • The bomb went off yesterday.
  • The gun went off as they fought.

Go out
Meaning: Leave a place, turn off, out of fashion, go on a date as in love

  • Can we go out tonight?
  • Let’s go out of this place, it’s so noisy.
  • These jeans went out of fashion years back.

Go on
Meaning: continue, proceed, happening

  • Please go on, we are listening.
  • This problem has been going on for quite so long.

Go through
Meaning: To suffer, look into something, travel through, progress

  • We are going through tough times.
  • Let me go through your project and see.
  • Our bus went through the think forest.
  • Our team has gone through to the semi finals.

Go up
Meaning: Rise, build
The prices are going up.
The build is going up quickly.

Go with
Meaning: to match, accept a suggestion
That dress doesn’t go with the shoes.
I will go with that option.

Go to
Meaning: Travel
I will go to school later.