Most popular 'Cut' Phrasal verbs. ✂️ | Speak and understand English better

These are some common ‘cut’ phrasal verbs that you will hear people use in daily speaking. Learn to use them.

1 Cut Off.

1. When the WiFi connection or Internet disconnects, we use it.

E.g The Internet was cut off last night.

2. To stop the supply of something.

E.g The city electricity was cut off during the hurricane

2 Cut Down On.

1. To reduce something.
We’re cutting down on production due to the lockdown.

2. To eat or drink less

E.g The doctor said I need to cut down on smoking.

*3. Cut down can also be used literally regarding trees.

E.g We need to stop cutting down trees to protect our environment.

3 Cut In.

Means To interrupt.

E.g Please would you stop cutting in when I’m speaking.

4 Cut It Out.

Say “cut it out” to stop someone from doing something bad or irritating.

E.g If kids are making noise in class, or fighting and you want them to stop.
You can say,
Hey! cut it out, it’s class time.

5. Cut back on

Means to reduce on something.
E.g You need to cut back on your sugar intake, it’s harming you.

6. Cut something out.

Means to extract something out, like to remove it out.
E.g I had to cut my face out of the photograph.

With these examples, you can be assured to understand 90% of speakers who use ‘cut’ as a word.
Keep learning.