Most popular collocations with ‘Come’

These are the few collocations with come, learn to use them and bookmark this post for future reference.Share if you care

  1. Come home
    Come home if you are tired
  2. Come late
    Do not come late tonight.
  3. Come early
    Remember to come early tomorrow.
  4. Come again
    Please come again next time it was fun to have you around
  5. Come to a compromise
    We had to come to a compromise to make them happy.
  6. Come clean
    You need to come clean if you want to be politician.
  7. Come to an agreement
    We came to an agreement.
  8. Come first
    I used to come first in class while in school.
  9. Come last
    Why do you always come last in class.
  10. Come of age
    She has come of age.
  11. Come to think of it
    Come to think of it, have you realised animals wear no masks.
  12. Come to a standstill
    The city has come to a standstill
  13. Come again
    Come again please, I didn’t catch that.
  14. Come prepared
    Tomorrow we have an exam. so come prepared .
  15. Come to terms
    Can we please come to terms we have wasted too much time on this subject.