Learn these eight Informal contractions to save time while speaking

Increase your speed by using contractions in speaking.

We use these to speak faster, however, be warned that they are only used in informal situations you shouldn’t use them in formal speaking and writing.
Contraction list

1. Gonna

→ Going to

  • E.g I am gonna see her later.

2. Wanna

→ Want to

  • E.g I wanna see you today.

3. Gimme

→ Give me

  • E.g Gimme a second please

4. Kinda

→ Kind of

  • E.g It’s kinda funny you’re still here.

5. Outta

→ Out of

  • E.g I am outta here.

6. Dunno

→ Don’t know

  • E.g I dunno why you keep calling me that.

7. Gotta

→ Got to

  • E.g I gotta go now or else we will be late.

8. Lemme

→ let me

  • E.g Lemme know when she comes.

Go use them with your friends and surprise them.