Learn these cause and effect connectors | Transitions and Conjunctions

Below I have gathered for you the right tools you need to know to write better and hence speak better.
Remember that these transitions or connectors, join sentences that are not necessarily grammatically connected.

In the hands for the right writer, writing is easy with the right toolbox, full of the right tools.
-Ronny Englishacked


  1. They came late because it rained heavily.
  2. Since it was late, we stayed for the night.
  3. They followed my page, for they wanted to learn something from me.
  4. Many forests of the world have been destroyed for agriculture; hence, global warming.
  5. Owing to the current lockdown, many people have used up all their savings.
  6. Due to the heavy snow, the road was cut off for days.
  7. He lost his job as a result of nepotism.
  8. There has been an increase in demand for masks; therefore, we need to invest in this venture.
  9. Universities the world over have been closed; consequently, many students have dropped out of higher education.
  10. There has been a rise in home violence stemming from alcoholism and drug abuse.
  11. We need to push for diversity; thus, we need to change our education systems.
  12. I wanted to learn English, so I came to this page and registered to get updates for the categories I like to improve in.
  13. Not reading in English leads to failure in achieving proficiency in English.

Learn these and more for you to be able to talk and write about cause and effect topics.
Happy learning

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