Learn how to use these three articles; 'a', 'an', and 'the' | Don't confuse them again

These are the three articles in English you must learn.

’A’ and 'An’

  1. We use them with singular nouns.
    Eg A boy not A boys.

  1. We use β€˜a’ and β€˜an’ while talking about someone or something in general.
    A man took it. A lady was here. A car knocked the pole.

  1. We use β€˜a’ with nouns that begin with consonants.
    Eg a cow, a chicken, a dog

  1. We use 'an’ before nouns that begin with vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u)
    Eg an orange, an apple, an NBA player, an elephant, an owl an umbrella.

  1. ’A’ and β€˜An’ can be used with adjectives before a noun but rule 4 above is followed.
  • He bought a car.
  • He bought a black car.
  • A friend of yours was here.
  • An old friend of yours was here.


  1. We use the when we are talking about specific people or things.
  • The Tv is dead.
  • The man is here.

  1. When we are speaking about unique things.
  • The ocean was rough today.
  • The river was red.

We do not use all the above articles a, an and the;

  • With names of people, cities, countries, continents etc
  • With adjectives alone
    With games and sports, food,
    Eg It’s the hot.