Is it plural or singular for time, amount and distance?🀨

Many are confused with what to use, either plural or singular when it comes to time, distance and amount. Fortunately, there is a small rule that caters for measurements of distance, time, and amount when it comes to subject - verb agreement which takes the sum as a singular amount, and thus they take singular forms of their verbs.

For example:
WRONG $500,000 worth of Bitcon have been stolen from my account.” :x:

RIGHT β€œ$500,000 worth of Bitcon has been stolen from my account.” (correct):heavy_check_mark:

WRONG β€œ800 kilometres from here are too much to travel in that car.” :x:

RIGHT β€œ 800 kilometres from here is too much in that car.” :heavy_check_mark:

WRONG β€œThree hours of sleep are very small. ” :x:
RIGHT Three hours of sleep is very small. ”:heavy_check_mark: