How to use Should the right way

When do we use should?
See cloud below


  • When we are talking about possible situations in the future.
    Should anyone need me, tell them I am off today.

  • Also used after that, nouns, and adjectives that show feelings or opinion.
    It’s funny that you should believe they would like to see her dead.

  • Also used after used after “so that” to show purpose
    They came to school today so that they should see the principal.

You should make sure all the doors are closed if you have kids in the car.

3.Probable/Likely situations
When something is expected to happen we use should.
It should be ready now let me go check.

When you need to advise someone, should is the word of choice.

  • You should carry your passport if you are a foreigner.

In the UK, should is used in place of would as a modal for I and we

  • I should like to see other cities in this country.

  • We shouldn’t have been late if you woke us up.

  • Ought to and Should are similar in Grammar so take note of this though, ought to is more formal

  • We use should more than would with I and We in formal conditional clauses
    In formal situations we use Should in place of If as subject.
    Should you need help call me

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