How to read numbers in English

In English, numbers can be confusing for new learners as it can get messy as shown below;

  1. The Zero (0)
    We can either say zero or nought please check you dictionary for the right pronunciation.
  2. We don’t add ‘s’ after hundred, thousand and million to make them plural
    e.g That is we say,
  • Four hundred not four hundreds. (400)
  • Twenty thousand not Twenty thousands (20,000)
  • Fifty million not Fifty millions (50, 000,000)
  1. We use a or one with all these numbers.
    100 = one hundred or a hundred
    1,000 = one thousand or a thousand
    1,000,000 = one million or a million
  2. In numbers, we say point for (.) not dot .
    e.g 2.5 = two point five
    We use point (.) not comma (,)
    i.e 2.5 not 2,5