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*The best way to learn vocabulary is to read everyday.*The more you read, the more you come across words you wouldn’t learn from your teacher yet important for daily comprehension.

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1 Health (Pandemic)

The Prime Minister is reportedly ¹ ________ three scenarios to²________ the Omicron variant, including ³_________ on mixing indoors in England, a ⁴_______ on pubs and restaurants and even an 5__________ lockdown.

Choose from these
Restrictions | immediate | curfew | considering | tackle

2 Technology (Security)

The ¹_______________ doesn’t end there. ²_____________ many attacks require a so-called command-and-control server to send instructions to successfully placed malware, ForcedEntry sets up its own ³_________________ environment. The entire ⁴_____________________ of the attack can (5)______________________ itself 0 detect. “It’s pretty (6)__________________ and, at the same time, pretty (7)____________________,” the Project Zero researchers concluded in their (8)_____________.

Choose from these
Incredible | analysis | sophistication | terrifying | infrastructure | establish | virtualised | while

3 Transport (Speed Trains)

Source CNN.

Overcoming high-speed growing (1)_____________________
The (2)___________________ size of China and its (3)__________________ variations in terrain, geology and climate have (4)_______________ the country’s railway engineers with incredible(5)____________________.

From sometimes frozen Harbin in the far north to the near-tropical humidity of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis, to the 1,776-km Lanzhou-Urumqi line (6)________________ the Gobi Desert, China’s engineers have quickly developed extensive (7)__________________ in driving railways over, under and (8)______________________ whatever terrain lies in their path.
That rapid growth has not been without its problems though; while centralized state funding, planning and (9)_________________ allows China to avoid the endless legal (10)_______________________ that have (11)___________________ projects in Europe and the United States for decades, the (12)___________________ is that new lines pay little heed to existing communities along their route.

Choose from these

traversing | tremendous | bedeviled | flip side | wrangles | challenges | approval | sheer size| expertise| through | pains | presented

4 Technology (Blockchain)

Source IBM
As 77% of U.S. citizens are concerned about the (1)_____________ and (2)______________ of vaccines), a whole-of-government approach is essential through the last mile to infuse speed,3/__________________, and transparency across the vaccine distribution system.

With a vaccine distribution network powered by IBM Blockchain, manufacturers can 4/________________ monitor for adverse events and improve recall management. Distributers can gain real-time visibility and 5/________________ ability to respond to supply chain 6/_________________ .Dispensers can improve 7/_________________ management and safety monitoring. Citizens can trust the vaccines and 8/_________________ return to society.

Choose from these
proactively | accountability | safety | enhanced| inventory | confidently | disruptions | efficacy

5 Technology (Hyperledger)

1.Blockchain s_________ a core problem: many organizations want to share data in a d____________ d_____________, but no single owner will be trusted by every user.

2.Blockchain technologies enable direct t______________ in a secure, t_____________ way, baking trust into systems that operate with the e______________ of a peer-to-peer network.

3.For e___________, a____________ this technology is making a foundational change in how they c_____________ business. When used as an enterprise software solution, it enables t_________ where it didn’t exist before and removes layers and layers of i________________.

4.The technologies are b___________ blocks for core, cross industry systems that will only s____________ in size and c_____________ as well as in effectiveness and value.

5.Because Hyperledger technologies are o_________ source code bases built with c_______________ design and governance, enterprises have embraced them as trusted i______________ for building blockchain solutions.
Choose from these
adopting | core | solves | open | scale | collaborative | infrastructure | building | efficiency | complexity| conduct | enterprises | transparent | trust | transactions.


It is worth noting that, ¹____________(eeitpsd) being 77 years old or thereabouts, ion the build-up to that third goal, Karim Benzema ²________(etspdrin) from inside his own half just on the off-chance that Edouard Mendy might mess up his pass to Antonio Rudiger after ³_________ (vidagancn) from his penalty area to deal with a ball from deep. The Chelsea goalkeeper duly ⁴_______ (dgoblie) and Benzema took full advantage.

The Guardian


Despite what the __________yrsdinut wants us to believe, a higher _____________gat cierp doesn’t always equal higher ___________liytuaq — and vice versa. Some fast fashion brands have worked to improve their quality so _____________aelafrodbf pieces can last longer, and are less wasteful to both your ___________teawll, and the environment.
______________Dnaronygy is a fashion buzzword these days, and cameos by female models might be one of menswear’s biggest ________________aywunr dstern. But we’ve long been advocates of ignoring which section we’re currently in when shopping. It’s no secret that _____________ ewarmsen — such as ties, _______sutis, or any other ____________ginhtolc traditionally restricted to dudes — looks just as good on the ladies.

To be continued…

Vocabulary Answers

Health (Pandemic)

1 considering, 2 tackle, 3 restrictions, 4 curfew, 5 immediate

IBM–Vaccine distribution on blockchain - IBM Blockchain | IBM

Football :soccer:

despite, advancing, sprinted, obliged