How to ask for directions in English | Expressions for asking directions when lost

How to ask for directions
Have you ever been lost in a new place, if you are you a traveller you know what I mean. Finding the right direction even in this era of technology can be hard, and
this makes life what it is. Below I have listed some expressions you can use on your trip next time.

  1. Are we on the right bus/lane/road?
  2. Are you from here, I seem to be lost?
  3. Can/could you Show me…?
  4. Can/could you tell me the way to the…?
  5. Can/Could you direct me to the…?
  6. Excuse me Miss/Mr/Sir/Madame, how can I go to…?
  7. Excuse me, Am I lost, how do I get…?
  8. How do I get to…?
  9. How do I find…?
  10. I’m looking for this…
  11. Is this the…?
  12. I’m looking for…
  13. Where is the nearest post office?
  14. Where is…?
  15. Which is the best way to…?