How much is enough?

Read, and grow your Vocabulary
Answer these questions.
Written by a friend who lives in the US. Thank you Anish for your permission to use your blog.

  1. Who is the richest person?

  2. What’s the meaning of stepped down?

  3. What is the meaning of grounds up?

  4. Do you think Bezos doesn’t want to be the richest person anymore?

  5. What does the writer mean by " increase by 7 fold"?

  6. What changes happen when your net worth creeps up?

  7. Which line shows that some people bragg when they become rich?

  8. Can one have enough?

  9. When should we stop longing for more?

  10. What’s the writer’s main idea of the article?

  11. To whom does the writer send this message?

  12. What does the author mean by “this could be a norm”?

  13. What is more important, “needs or wants”?

  14. From the passage, can one attain satisfaction after having all they want and need?

  15. Are you satisfied with what you have, if yes congratulations and if not, when will you?

  16. What’s the meaning of
    a. long for

b. infinite net worth

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