How do faces and first impressions affect our lives? | B2-C2

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  1. What is the topic of discussion?

  2. How do people judge others on the first day they meet?

  3. What does Neil say first impression is?

  4. What is Professor Alexander’s research about and from which university was it carried out?

  5. In his research he used trustworthy, competence, domınance and one being an extrovert. What does being dominant and competent mean as explained by Rob

  6. He also uses __________________ to mean, people who are energetic and enjoy spending time with others.

  7. What was Pro. Alexander’s finding about trustworthy people?

  8. Which were the most domınant?

  9. Were these judgements accurate, and why do you think so?

  10. According to the professor what is the most important attribute for a politician?

  11. Some politically less educated voters may be influenced by appearance and may go with their gut.How does Rob explain the meaning of thıs expressıon?

  12. Todorov says faces carry useful information about things like a person’s mental state, and whether they’re tired or sick. But they don’t tell you about a person’s character. So what can we do to minimise the chances of being affected?

  13. What is a blind audition and how dıd ıt affect the Boston Symphony Orchestra back then in the 1950s?

  14. According to Todorov, how long does ıt take us to judge people?

15)Lastly what do you understand by these terms as used ın the conversatıon

  1. Attributes

  2. perception.

  3. Extroverts