He stopped to smoke. vs He stopped smoking | I stopped smoking and I stopped to smoke

Can you crack the meaning of these two?
I stopped smoking and I stopped to smoke.
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I stopped smoking and I stopped to smoke is one of those many sentences under the gerund and infinitive topic that will confuse many students, however in this post I settle this confusion.
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1.He stopped to smoke.
Interpretation, he was doing something but he felt the urge of a cigarette, so he stopped all what he was doing, and took out or bought a cigarette. (to smoke is an infinitive i.e to + verb and the action is always done after the verb stop)

2.He stopped smoking.
He quit smoking. He doesn’t smoke any more.
Here smoking is a gerund ( any gerund after verb stop is done first)
Another example

  1. She stopped drinking on her wedding day. She quit alcohol. A good wife. :blush:(not past continuous) This is not as funny as, She stopped to drink on her wedding day. I mean no normal bride does that I hope.:bride_with_veil::rofl:

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