Choose between Present Perfect and Simple Past Hack!

Now, many times you are faced with a situation whereby you have to choose between Present Perfect and Simple Past.
Do not worry, we have a hack for you.

Only use the Simple past for an action that was completed in the past and there is a stated time.

HINT: When you see a word or phrase showing past time for example yesterday, last week, last year, then.


  1. I have eaten pizza yesterday WRONG :anguished:
  2. I ate pizza yesterday. Sounds BETTER :grinning:

See example above 1) is wrong use of Present perfect to talk about past actions but in 2 we use simple past the right way.

Also for recently finished actions use Present Perfect
İt is advised to use Present Perfect for [color=#f00]recently or just [/color] finished/completed actions than Simple Past

E.g Recently finished tasks/actions

  1. I have eaten breakfast instead of I ate breakfast.
    I have done my homework instead of I did my homework.

Let me hope with the above example you get the pattern and you understand it too.

SeePresent Perfect for more

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HACK for RECENTLY or JUST completed actions