Can you use past participles as adjectives?(B2-C2)

Did you now that you can use past participles as Adjectives:innocent:
Yes you heard me right.
Well you have a chance you only see this in Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Examples of past participle adjectives

  1. made in/by/of e.g Shoes [color=#0251F9]made in[/color] Turkey are durable.
  2. built in/by The Bridge [color=#0251F9]built by[/color] the Chinese was a work of Engineering.
  3. produced in/by All cars [color=#0251F9]produced in[/color] the US are fuel thirsty.
  4. painted by The piece [color=#0251F9]painted by[/color] Davinci was stolen.
  5. written by I only read books [color=#0251F9]written by[/color] her.
  6. directed by She likes all movies [color=#0251F9]directed by[/color] Steven Spielberg

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