Can you master English vocabulary through learning Greek and Latin?

English Exposed
Do you want to be a living and walking dictionary?
One way to master the English language is by learning and memorising lots and lots of vocabulary.
From history, observation and experience, I must admit that, having and dedicating your time in getting familiar with Greek and Latin roots, will boost or speed up your goal.
Moreover, as you will see or know already English like many languages has history and all wise people I have heard and seen believe, respect and learn from History.How I wish you did the same. :+1:

act (Latin) meaning do (to do something) for example action, actor, activity
ab (Latin) meaning away from e.g abduct, abnormal, absent
aer/o (Greek) Meaning air e.g aerial, aerospace, aeroplane etc
List is endless as you can see and if you put in your time and hard work, you will realise that you won’t need help from a dictionary or those brain killer translator apps.


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