'Ask' vs 'Ax' , which one is it?

Great words.
I have many friends who use Ax for ask and I don’t correct them because it runs deep. Most of West Africa uses Ax and if am not mistaken in some US English dialects too. :hugs:

If you have a friend who uses Ax for ask, you are a traveller and a people person.

That’s the beauty of English, don’t correct them, this is how language grows and that’s how the beautiful language of English has changed in centuries.

Next time you hear ‘Ax’ as in ‘axe’, just know it’s ask and continue living a happy life. Welcome to planet earth. :earth_asia:


  1. Can I Ax? :thinking: means Can I ask?
  2. Ax me a question, means ask me a question.
    I hope you learnt something today.:hugs:
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