Are you new to English, watch out for Homonyms!

A homonym is a single word but has more than one meaning.:flushed:

It has the same spelling and sound or pronunciation

As a teacher, I have observed that students miss the fun of language learning when they rely only on bilingual translators. (please you’re missing the juice)
For example, I like her because she is smart. You wouldn’t know what I meant, if you didn’t listen to the next clause or sentence.

In this sentence, smart means intelligence or clever not dressing style, but with her answers.
I got you there, you thought I liked her elegant dressing.:slightly_smiling_face:
Hence, stressing the importance of learning vocabulary as a foundation in learning English.

Hack:Learn to guess the meaning from context not from your translation.Also learn the parts of speech. Ask a teacher for help to understand better. An app may not help you here.
Another place to learn homonyms is the Internet. Get busy you know your desires.

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