Acceptable or Unacceptable, beyond the English we use.

Acceptable or Unacceptable Accent?

Haven’t you heard about this thing going around for decades now? For those new to English, it leaves them perturbed at the many divisions we have in the language we all hope to unite us one-day.
From Ugandan English, Chinese, Australian, Canadian, Nigerian, Philippines, Canadian, Scottish, Turkish, name it, look at the miracle, this should make English the most diverse language on the planet, but guess what the English are doing.
My view is, irrespective of where you come from, your accent shouldn’t be used against you — there is no thing as acceptable or unacceptable accent, it’s a system designed to make money of course.
Nevertheless, I am pro-acceptable pronunciation, but acceptable accent?

Why even waste time changing your accent instead of reading more books to acquire more vocabulary?

To be continued… :thinking: