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This is the first book in the series of books I want to write for you, my dear teachers. Based on my own experience, the methods described in this book will help you to develop both receptive and productive skills in your learners. I think that every teacher, even a rookie, should feel at the lessons that he/she is at the steering wheel, controlling and understanding all the process of teaching, and the goal to which she and her learners and are moving. I have written this book to support you as drivers of your buses, not passengers invited by somebody else, who don’t know exactly which way they are going, why and what will happen next, and when they will get to the final destination. As they are led, they don’t lead. I would compare the activities here to ingredients which you can choose to make your own dish. You can prepare each dish-lesson according to your own desires, preferences and understanding, at the same time, taking into consideration the group’s particularities and pace. It took me 20 years to develop my methodology and 5 years to write this book. Here you will find games and activities which I have been developing for all these long 20 years. Series from Part I include such topics as Games on various lexis, Food, House, Animals, Sport, Professions and tools, Character and personality, Travelling, Grammar games and Pronunciation. You will find a lot of games and activities in these series 1) on the topics mentioned, which will make the way to the main themes practical, vivid, authentic and catching; 2) which are not connected with particular topics; 3) which will help your learners to learn grammar in a more authentic and exciting way; 4) which are made in the form of tongue twisters to help your students improve their pronunciation and understand the difference between the most confusing words and the ones that are less confusing. The activities in this book are designed for people of different ages and levels. But I must admit that my adult learners do enjoy being involved in activities aimed at young learners!)))
I believe that kindergarten and primary school teachers will find the tasks of this book useful. They teach children to speak their native language and look for interesting activities to help their young learners develop speaking and communicative skills as well as thinking abilities.
In the next series I am going to write, I plan to include such topics as the Alphabet, Shapes and colours, Clothes, Weather and seasons, Diseases and health, Law and crime, Technology, and Language. I also plan to expand such chapters as Games on various lexis, Grammar games and Pronunciation. I hope that God will bless my efforts and help me to do it faster than it would happen with this book))), as I have already developed some series from it.
When communicating with my colleagues, I noticed that they are constantly looking for advice on how to make their lessons more interesting, how to choose the activities that would not be just exciting but could also contribute to the development of language skills. Therefore, in this book, I decided to share my experience, developments and inventions of interesting, consecutive games, which will lead your students step by step to new heights in mastering English. By using games, the conquest of the tops of the English language will not be tedious and exhausting work, but an exciting journey, with a lot of vivid photo-memories, and lots of positive emotions. The playful atmosphere helps to relax and increases the ability to memorize the material. It is crucial for the child not to concentrate on his or her complexes but on winning the game. In this case, the language will become not an obstacle but a means to achieve a desirable goal for your learners: the ability to participate in the game, the opportunity to receive an award and the chance to get joy. The more real to life the game is, the easier and faster students will memorize the words and constructions used in it.

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