8 Telephone phrasal verbs you need to know. 📱

These are the 8 most used telephone phrasal verbs you must learn :telephone_receiver:

  1. Pick up :telephone_receiver:
    To answer the phone. Please pick up when I call.

  1. Speak up :telephone_receiver:
    Speak louder or clearer./Be audible. :loud_sound:
    Could you kindly speak up?

  1. Cut off :telephone_receiver:
    When the call gets disconnected. The call was cut off as we were midway the conversation.

  1. Hold on :telephone_receiver:
    Wait a sec/a bit/a moment. Could you please hold on a second?

  1. Hang up :telephone_receiver:
    Disconnect/end the call/Switch off.
    Hang up my boss is here.

  1. Pass through :telephone_receiver:
    Connect to someone. Is it possible to pass me through to him?

  1. Hang on :telephone_receiver:
    To wait a sec or for a moment.
    Hang on please as I confirm from the manager.

  1. Call back. :telephone_receiver:
    To return a call to someone who called you earlier or before.
    I will call back trust me.

Go use them freely :iphone: