20 alternatives for "Good Job!"

We live words and the more words you have the more life you have. Have you seen someone, busy, doing something great or who has done a great job, why not compliment them with these words?:ok_hand:

  1. Excellent !
  2. Fantastic!
  3. Way to go!
  4. Keep up the good work!
  5. Amazing!
  6. That’s great!
  7. Keep it up.
  8. Splendid!
  9. Marvelous!
  10. Proud of you.
  11. That’s impressive.
  12. Bravo!
  13. You did it!
  14. That’s incredible!
  15. That’s wesome!
  16. Hurray!
  17. You did wonders
  18. Amazing!
  19. Well done!
  20. Way to go!

Something is missing I know but this can get you started. :ok_hand:

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