11 Correlative Conjunctions you need to learn today

Learn these to improve the way to express yourself and understand English Speakers.

  1. As…as
    She ran as fast as a cheetah .
  2. No sooner…than
    No sooner had they left than it started snowing.
  3. Not only … but also
    Not only were they happy but also paid for my ticket back home.
  4. Either…or
    You either take her out or I will.
  5. Neither…nor
    We neither go to parties nor picnics these days.
  6. Both…and
    These days you can both sell and buy online from the comfort of your home.
  7. Whether…or
    Whether you like it or not she is taking it.
  8. Such…that
    We had such a great time together that we forgot all about the meeting.
  9. So…that
    They were so tired last night that they couldn’t make it in time.
  10. Hardly…than
    Hardly had we started the exam, than the teacher collapsed in class.
  11. Rather… than
    I would rather stay here than go back.
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